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The Tritacobre.

Who we are ?

Located in the Industrial area of Aguiar de Sousa, at 20 km from Porto. The TRITACOBRE METAIS LDA exists since 1996, when two entrepreneurs already on the market for collection, sorting and final treatment of industrial waste joined together.

This personal experience has led to a solid company with high expertise level of recycling, it is currently one of the Portuguese companies with environment license for this purpose. The TRITACOBRE METAIS LDA is a company dedicated to the environment. We always seek the best solutions from the companies that produce waste with the intent to improve and preserve environmental quality.

Tritacobre has a Quality Management System certified by AENOR, according to the NP EN ISO 9001, since 2013.




Tritacobre is a company dedicated to the environment. It looks for the best solutions with companies who producing waste with the intention of improving the environmental quality.



Undertake effective and innovative solutions for the sorting and recovery of dangerous and non-dangerous waste.



Ingenuity and creativity of people;
Respest for people;
Honesty, responsibility, cooperation, affection and courtesy;
Our collective will to be the best must be unbreakable.

Quality Policy

Tritacobre mission is to be for its suppliers, customers and the general public a reliable company with the capacity to recycle, triage or forward waste, always with the expectation of having the best economic, environmental and effective solution for each of these.

The management understands Quality as a task of all employees and these as a key factor for the success of the company, as a guide to the full satisfaction of customer needs.

In order to comply with the proposal of the Quality Management System, Tritacobre undertakes to:
Comply with the requirements (legal, regulatory, regulatory) and the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System;
Framing the Quality Management System in our business practices, reviewing the objectives whenever necessary;
Promote the satisfaction of our employees, providing adequate training, so that they carry out their activities with the highest levels of quality required.

The Quality Management System is communicated and understood in our organization. This document will be reviewed whenever necessary in order to remain appropriate.